Take a second and picture yourself back in high school, walking those halls, trying to navigate the choices and challenges you faced on campus everyday. What if you had a place on campus where you felt accepted and equipped to face those challenges?

FCA is that place.

We have 1200 staff and over 500 local offices throughout the United States. We encourage and equip your student athletes to impact their world for Christ, and we have been pursuing this passion since 1954.


You + FCA = A Winning Team

Parenting a student athlete is like a busy job. We’re here to lighten the load. FCA is a community of coaches, students, FCA staff, donors, and parents passionately committed to making each student athlete a success. And there’s a spot for you on the team. Grab a coffee with your local FCA staff member to discover your spot on the team!


"I Had No Idea."

It’s the most common response we hear when a parent sees FCA in action for the first time. We are active on campuses and serving in communities throughout America.  We encourage and challenge coaches and athletes through our Huddles and Summer Camps.

Would you have 30 minutes to grab coffee with your local FCA staff member?   They would enjoy sharing with you the great things happening specifically on your son or daughter’s campus?

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Orange County Night of Champions

Monday, May 02, 2016 at 09:43 AM

At FCA, we believe that God is always at work in and through our ministry, but sometimes He makes His presence known in unprecedented ways. Night of Champions was one of those times.

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A Blog from FCA Staff

Lessons From My Mother

Monday, January 11, 2016 at 05:00 PM

A Powerful Perspective from Mark Boyer - VP of Field Ministry/Western Region On Monday, December 7, 2015, I watched my mother, Helen Boyer, take her last breathe and enter into God's presence.  Standing there with my wife, Janna, and surrounded by many of my siblings and their spouses, I cried as my father at 93 said goodbye to the love of his life of 70+ years. It is a day and a time I will not forget as each of us children told her how thankful we have been to call her "mom."

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